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Jewelry Jargon

There may be some terms used around this site that are unfamiliar - check out our glossary to learn more about our unique jewelry making jargon.

Element - Any individual piece of a design. Gemstones can be an element of a design. A silk tassel is also an element of design.

Finding – Refers to the metal spacer beads and clasps/rings used to create some of the jewelry pieces.

Semi-precious – Gemstones come in a wide range of qualities. The ones we use are refered to as ‘semi-precious’. This means they are not jeweller-quality, but affordable and accessible.

Curated – Some collections have pieces that have been selected, organized, and presented using our professional experience. This term usually refers to items we did not create from scratch.

Restyling/Refashioning – We find previously-loved, discarded and/or broken jewelry, and give it life again! These terms refer to the taking apart and repurposing of pieces, as well as the cleaning and repackaging of other pieces.

Vintage – A piece of jewelry that is 15-20+ years old, or imitates a classic, or retro style.

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